Those who work at Konings believe in our CORE values, Collaboration, Ownership, Reliability & Enterpreneurship. Every day you come to work with full enthusiasm, you reinforce these values even further. They really constitute a part of who we are, or, in other words, they make up our identity.


Our organisation can only succeed when we work together. We grow through sharing knowledge and experience, which means your contribution makes a difference too! This means that KONINGS is more than just the sum of its employees and customers. Whether you work for or with us, you will notice an open working atmosphere.

image for <em>C</em>ollaboration


You are the owner of your responsibilities. So, take on a problem-solving attitude: a problem is, after all, a positive challenge. Accept the challenge and work towards the best solution. Do your best, but remember that learning from mistakes can be very important.

image for <em>O</em>wnership


Success is based on trust and reliability. This is important at KONINGS: say what you do and do what you say. This allows us to meet our expectations and those of our customers. The result? Success of the highest quality possible. So, it is best to be reliable and trustworthy.

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We are constantly looking for opportunities. There are opportunities for improvement here, both in what we do and how we do it. So, keep an open attitude in your own working environment and beyond it. Our clear structure helps each entrepreneur to blossom and bring ideas to fruition. 

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