Continued learning makes the difference, for Konings as well as our colleagues. How Kristof and Bert collaborate is an excellent example. In 2008, Kristof joined our team as Maintenance Team Leader. After a few years he was promoted to Maintenance Manager. In both jobs, Kristof took continued learning for his team members seriously. This approach was beneficial for his colleague Bert for example.

Kristof teaches him technical aspects of the job as part of his daily tasks. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Empty Bottle Inspector (EBI), controls and processes. Bert picks up the information very well and soon follows external training. So Bert was being trained to be able to work with PLCs. But that's not all. In the meantime, Bert obtained a bachelor's degree in electromechanical engineering by studying in evening classes!

Now that Bert's knowledge and experience had expanded, he was ready for more responsibilities. And now he's also responsible for planning maintenance activities. The technician of 11 years ago has come a long way.