Learning has been the main theme during the past two years: that's Ruben's story. The Konings site in Zonhoven became Ruben's new workplace in May 2015. He started his career as quality engineer with an extensive training schedule. He worked on a number of production lines. The goal was twofold: he would get to know his colleagues and also learn the entire process.

Ruben was comfortable with the job after six months and he set up projects to solve quality problems. For example, he focussed for and entire year on a project involving structural improvements in Zonhoven. With his new skills set, he moved to Breda in the autumn of 2016. Ruben worked 2 days a week at this Konings site on validating a new production line. He was able to prepare test protocols thanks to everything he had learnt!

The cherry on the cake came in 2017 when these protocols were executed and fine-tuned further. The knowledge he had acquired in Breda was also valuable in Zonhoven. Today, colleagues call Ruben to learn how another site deals with quality and processes.