Bart came on-board as operator at the end of 2009. He quickly grew to become a motivated employee and was promoted to line manager in 2011. When Konings was seeking five new team leaders mid 2017, we encouraged our own employees to apply. The new jobs were important roles that were created after streamlining the organisation of the production unit in Zonhoven. Of course, all the candidates were screened extensively. 

For Bart and the other candidates, this meant highlighting their managerial skills using the Konings leadership compass. But how they matched with the CORE values – the so-called DNA of Konings – was also investigated. Based on this objective procedure, it soon became clear that Bart was an ideal candidate to further develop the leadership in the production unit in Zonhoven.

The output of the selection was the basis for further supporting the team leaders with a personal and team development plan. So the team leaders continued to receive support after the selection to further develop methods for collaboration, consultation structures and reporting. 

Today, Bart contributes actively to making Konings a supplier of the royal court.